Hi, my name is Seth Spearman.

I look like this ...

... but if you were to pass me on the street I would not look like a cartoon.

I have a beautiful wife, Katie, who is a kindergarten teacher.  She looks like this...

... no cartoon version available.  

We have been married for 25 years this year which is more of a testament to her patience and grace than my character.

We have 4 kids.  Here is a picture of them....

... they can be wacky at times, like in this picture.

I have a blog, merechristian.org.  I suppose you know that since you are reading the About page.

This is the little spot on the internet where I give people a peek into my heart.  As is implied by the title, I am a Christian.  I believe that is the most important thing I can say about myself.  (Stay tuned if you don't know what that means and you want to know.  More posts to come on that in the coming weeks and months.)

So, yes, this website is mostly about my musings on what it means for me to be a Christian, and live a Christian life. 

But I also enjoy other things like books and movies and politics and technology.  So this website is actually comprised of 4 blogs as follows:

Mere Christian - as mentioned, my blog on matters of faith and conscience.

Movies Reviews - you probably can guess, my musings on specific movies as well as movies in general (and other art forms).

Book Reviews - you guessed right.  My thoughts on books I read.

The Conscience of a Moderate - my deliberations on US Politics.

My musings on technology can be found at my business website, SpearSoftTech.com.  

Each of the above is a separate blog.  So you can subscribe to each one that aligns to your specific interests.  Each one is separate and has it's own URL.  

However, the HOME PAGE of this website is an aggregation of all of them.  

I plan to say a lot more ABOUT this website in the coming weeks through my blog posts.  To see all of those, click the link below.

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Thanks for visiting merechristian.org and come back and see me.